Casciana Terme – 15 Km


Casciana Terme lies in the heart of the Pisan Hills, and with its over one thousand years of history is one of the many small masterpieces that the people of Tuscany have over the centuries helped to build and to preserve. The legend said that the thermal water was discovered by the Countess Matilda of Canossa. She had a rather old and sickly blackbird, which had grayish feathers from age. One day the countess noticed that the blackbird was moving better and his feathers were becoming, once again, an intense black color and his beak was returning to a bright yellow color. She followed the blackbird during its daily morning outings, and discovered that the blackbird would land and dip his legs in a strange “steaming water.” The countess wished to try the miraculous waters, and it took very little time for the benefits to be apparent. She then decided to build several baths, which were the first beginnings of the thermal plants that we see today.

The spa water of Casciana is officially named Acqua Mathelda. It comes from a spring at a constant natural temperature of 35.7°C.

The waters belong to the family of the calcium sodium bicarbonates, with a natural content of mineral salts so combined as to be distinguished by their particular effectiveness. Used since time immemorial to combat arthrosis, rheumatism and sciatica, in the course of time its uses have been extended to modern motor rehabilitation therapies and cardiovascular and respiratory problems. The therapeutic mud, when soaked for a long time in the thermal waters, in fact acquires its contents and curative powers.

Its composition, particularly rich in salts and carbon dioxide, promote the dilation of the blood vessels, speeding up the passage of blood through the veins and improving the circulation in general. If inhaled, it improves the breathing and is especially effective in the treatment of sinusitis, rhinosinusitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis and tracheitis. Furthermore, it reinforces the immune system in children.



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